Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Helpful Hint!!!!!

Wherever you are is where they will be!  If you are on the dancefloor, your guests will be too!  Try not to go outside and smoke.  Make sure your photographer does not steal you from your party.  Have someone else get your drinks.  The day of your wedding you are a "people magnet".  Guide your entourage to the dancefloor and like LMFAO say "wiggle wiggle wiggle".  It will make your guests way more danceable.  They are at your wedding because they want to be with you after all.

Now Pick up the phone for more helpful hints and book one of the most requested DJ's in Chicago.

Fun Times DJ

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New radio ad!

Want to really have a great time at your wedding? Here is a hint...

Choose Fun Times DJ!  We will get your guests dancing so you can take a breath, look around and know you had an awesome wedding.  With our copywritten Wedding Questionnaire we know exactly what to say and play.  Give us a call today 847-406-3535.  Like my friend and awesome Wedding Coordinator Ali always says..."Happy wedding planning!" 

P.S. Great job Mike...request him for your wedding!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun Times DJ at Seasons of Long Grove

Play fun music, be relateable, have a fun-welcoming personality that gets everyone in a party mood.  Get your guests dancing with a Fun Times DJ and you can relax and enjoy your wedding!  That is exactly what one of our customers did as they danced outside at Seasons of Long Grove
Call us today and find out how to make your wedding great for you and your guests.  847-406-3535 (DJDJ)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kids at your wedding?

What is it about a ceremony that makes babies cry?  They are so adorable...until they are balling and fidgeting during your nuptuals.  At the reception it is alot easier to forget about kids but at a ceremony they will let you know they are there. 
It is completely acceptable for you to make at the very least your ceremony just for adults.  By the way, how come that parent never takes the kid outside?

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is a fair price?

Take a look at other companies in your area.  The price of a DJ is very regional.  Just ask people in Nebraska compared to New York.  Throw out the most expensive and the most inexpensive for similar services.  The most expensive, if they have nothing to truly show for the added cost and the least expensive because of the worrying you will do leading up to your wedding to see if they are really trustworthy.  Then make your decision based on who makes you feel the most comfortable and matches your requirements and desires for your wedding.

Happy wedding planning!

Don Wilson
Fun Times DJ

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To smash or not smash...

Above is a picture of Samantha and Kevin Johnson as they share their wedding cake January 15, 2012 at Strawberry Creek Golf Club.  Eventually they did frost each others face. But beware!  Make sure you really know your spouse if you do.  I have seen it lead to a couples first argument as husband and wife.
Post here your thoughts on whether or not you would....

Getting married in Chicago?

Feel secure with the entertainment for your wedding when you choose the company that was the choice for the publisher of Chicago Style Weddings, Drew Walker of US99, Sherman of Q101, Joanne Genette of Kiss FM and Engaging Events by Ali! 
Fun Times DJ has been in business since 1998 and building a solid reputation of making every wedding unique to each couple.  You do not have to play the cliche songs!

Garter Removal...with dance and back up singers!

Here is one of our grooms that used "Business Time" by Flight of the Conchords to remove the garter to.  Pardon the sound but the dance is classic!

Fun Times DJ WOO, People dancing WOO, Great Party WOO!

We recently had a very Cubs themed wedding.  The couple even had Ronnie Woo Woo show up and give a speech.  Making your wedding special and unique to who are is the goal!  Your wedding will be more memorable and fun.  Your guests should easily see that your wedding is a true reflection of you as a couple.  One way is to hire a wedding coordinator who can bring it all together like Ali Phillips from Engaging Events by Ali.  She and her staff will help you create the perfect wedding reception...for YOU! 
Another way is to book Fun Times DJ.  They have a copywritten wedding questionnaire that you need to see before you book with anyone else.
As Ali Phillips says..."Happy Wedding Planning!"

Monday, February 13, 2012

We can do that!

Looking to have CD's as table gifts but are overwhelmed by the thought of duplicating the music discs?  If you have Fun Times DJ at your wedding we will do it for you quite inexpensively.  Just give us a call and give us a number of how many you need.  That way you can work on the more fun wedding planning!

We have been helping Brides and Grooms since 1998!  847-406-3535 (DJDJ)

Looking to have a videographer for your wedding?

Check out VDO Productions of Libertyville, IL.  Don Hankins and his staff have done many prestige weddings in Chicagoland for years!  He also had our own Don Wilson of Fun Times DJ at his own wedding!  Visit VDO's website for more information. 
Have a professional create a watchable, edited video that is easy to watch...or you never will want to.

Had you thought of Key Lime Cove for your wedding?

Imagine how much fun your guests will have here!  Certainly a fun place to "take the plunge".  Key Lime Cove is only a few years old and is an exciting place to plan a wedding.  Give Elizabeth Porter (Sales and Catering) a call at 224-656-8019.  To see more pictures and get more information visit  Watch the video above for a few scenes of the Key Lime Cove and imagine your guests expressions as they make their way to your reception.
Pair the fun with an awesome DJ and your wedding will truly be memorable!

We play some of the most prestigeous locations in Chigoland!

This was a view of a wedding just before introductions at the Palmer House Hilton.  This was one of a series of weddings that were linked to Kate and Michael Nierengarten.  You will also find Fun Times DJ on the Drake --eferral list, needless to say...not a long list.  Call us today and stop worrying about your guests being entertained and having fun at your wedding!  847-406-3535

Looking for your first home together?

At Fun Times DJ we recommend Jim Starwalt of Starhome Finders/Remax.  Like a wedding photographer you want to work with someone who is easy to work with and has your dreams in mind.  Then, Just like an awesome DJ you also need someone who will listen to your needs and desires.  Because of this we can easily recommend Jim and his team!  Enjoy your new home together and fill the walls with pictures of the day you said "I Do".

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome Jason & Mike to the Fun Times DJ team!

Jason and Mike both have radio experience and know how to get your guests dancing.  They also have the fun welcoming personality to make everyone feel comfortable and want to party!  You can meet with any of our DJ's anytime!  Call 847-406-3535 today!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The very best in Wedding DJ services...and we know it, we work out!

Thank you to 102.3XLC & 95 WIIL Rock for choosing Don Wilson of Fun Times DJ to be the emcee of their 4th annual Bridal Showcase.  Doris Bridal of Highwood, IL supplied the gowns and Fun Times DJ supplied the sound.  It was educating and fun for the attending brides to be!