Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Every important moment should come with an important song to you

When you are looking for a first dance, introduction song, garter and bouquet or cake cutting song choose music that fits you.  Looking on the Internet to see what other people have used will always bring you back to the same cliché songs.  Below is a picture of Josh and Katie who used 311 "Love Song" for their first dance.  Their wedding took place at Hawks View in Lake Geneva Wisconsin with Fun Times DJ.

Outdoor Weddings in the Midwest

Outdoor weddings can be fun and you can really be creative with decorating the space.  Get creative with the music to match the atmosphere you want to create.  Your Fun Times DJ Questionnaire will help!  
Always have in mind the potential of weather though and of course insects.  If the weather was to go really bad, a Plan B is always good to have but remember to remain positive.  Enjoy your first dance, your guests and what the day is all about.