Monday, September 24, 2012

Hold up, slow down. We need to run this by the bride first!

You as a bridesmaid want to help as much as you can.  You may even want to through in a few suprises.  Don't do that, sorry.  Best intentions can get scary when a bride has no idea what is coming next.  Remember is her wedding not a roast!  The Bride and Groom may also have set some solid deadlines with all of her vendors and the banquet facility.  For instance, what if the photography is scheduled to leave at a certain time or the meal has to be served within a specific window.

Get her involved, you could save her wedding and maybe your friendship!
For more great advice ask .  Also find a DJ that will work with you.,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Creative locations for weddings!

Take some time and discover some non-typical venues for your wedding reception!  Make the locations all about you!  Below are examples of weddings at a Zoo, a mansion and an Indoor Racing facility.  Your guests may be quite suprised and the fun level can be brought way up!  Theme elements become more natural as well.  Have fun with your wedding!

For perfect weddings that are a reflection of you, choose