Monday, November 11, 2013

Tradition can be fun!

Tradition can be fun!  At this wedding a must play was "Taking Care of Business" by BTO.  As you can see, the family came together to sing along and dance.  That is what a wedding is about, right!
When planning your wedding day, ask your parents or relatives if there are any must play sings or traditions that need to be honored.  Maybe you even create your own tradition!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jewish wedding in Evanston, IL

Two families becoming one with meaningful Jewish traditions is a wonderful and fun occasion!  Below are pictures from Zak and Mya's wedding at the Highland Park Synagogue.  
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Wedding DJ in Lake County, IL

Finding a wedding dj that can make your perfect day run smooth is no game.  You can choose not to eat the cake but the only way to avoid the dance music is to leave the wedding.  That is not how you achieve an epic party.  
From the moment you call us, planning becomes much easier!  Here is our number 847-406-3535.

Wedding DJ in Illinois

Great couples are having amazing weddings when they choose Fun Times DJ!  Here is a Thank You card that was sent to us after an August wedding in Kenosha, WI.  Call Fun Times DJ and schedule a consultation for your wedding in Chicago, Lake County, Des Plaines, Cook County, Kenosha, Lake Geneva and more.  847-406-3535.

Dancing and Celebrating at your wedding!

Weddings can be a fun expression of happiness that we share for a couple as they join to be one.  Add great music that fits your guests and you have spontaneous dancing! Learn more about how Fun Times DJ makes weddings customized and personalized to each couple with our Copywritten Wedding Questionnaire.  Call us today at 847-406-3535!  Or visit us online at 

Wedding DJ in Illinois

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shut up and play good music!

Too often a DJ at a wedding tries to hard to be the radio DJ he never was at a wedding.  Avoid the fake personality guys, they will creep your guests out.  People are motivated to dance by a song that fits the moment, not the DJ that tells you what year a song came out.  
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3 weddings on 1 Saturday in 3 Counties and 2 states.

Fun Times DJ was hired for 3 weddings on 10/5/13.  They took place at the Radisson in Kenosha, WI, the Arboretum Club in Buffalo Grove, IL and the Park Hyatt in Chicago, IL.  Each wedding was very different as the slogan of Fun Times DJ is "We make your wedding sound like YOUR wedding!"  We do this with our copywritten Wedding Questionnaire.  Give us a call at 847-406-3535 to set up a consultation.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Priorities and your wedding.

For the price of a wedding cake...

As a wedding guest you can avoid the cake, photography, video and Photobooth.  You cannot avoid the DJ though.  Yes, the DJ is that important.  Playing fun music that makes sense with what you like and what makes your guests dance is everything.  We can help with your wedding from Racine to Chicago.  

Discover more at and

Wedding Dj in Lake County, Cook County, Kenosha County, Racine County, McHenry County, IL

Monday, July 8, 2013

One of the most requested wedding DJ's in Illinois

Thank you Dan Hanni for being apart of the Fun Times DJ team for 12 years! You are a guy that takes the wishes and happiness of our Brides and grooms to heart. You have a killer voice for announcements too! (No big surprise considering you are a ten year radio veteran)
Ask for Dan For your wedding and get ready to dance!

Fun Times DJ
847-406-3535 (djdj)

Hire a real DJ!

Hire a DJ that understands that you must play the hits and specific requests from the bride and groom. A wedding is not the time for a DJ to play the music that they want to play because the DJ likes it.
Hire a DJ that won't yell into a microphone and in turn yell at Grandma at your wedding.
Hire a REAL DJ that you can hear on the radio and has been properly trained the Fun Times DJ way.

Call now 847-406-3535. Visit us online at

Get out of the way!

With Fun Times DJ we know to get out if the pictures while offering professional sound at your ceremony.  In the lower right you will notice two (white and yellow) RCA cables.  Those are for the videographer's feed for a perfect wedding video.  Contact Fun Times DJ at 847-406-3535 to learn more about our ceremony and reception services.  
The picture was taken at the park next to the Newberry Library in Chicago.  Jana & Frankie hired Fun Times DJ for their wedding as well as Engaging Events by Ali.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Outdoor ceremony

An outdoor ceremony can be beautiful and a dream come true.  The risk of course is the weather.  Below is a picture of a ceremony that Fun Times DJ supplied audio for.  There was rain all week and earlier in the day but it stayed away during the moment that Josh and Amanda shared their vows.  It was a beautiful wedding!
Have a plan in place should the weather not cooperate and smile no matter what. Go into the day feeling that "It is about the marriage not the weather".
It is also a good idea to use Fun Times Dj for your ceremony and reception as we can be very flexible with moving equipment on your wedding day to make for a smooth and fun event.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Music for Outdoor Ceremony in perfect weather.

The forecast said rain. The Wedding Gods said perfect and 70...again!
For whatever reason we are good luck when it comes to outdoor ceremonies. We have never had one rained out!
So if you are a superstitious Bride, Fun Times DJ is good luck!
Give us a call and we will discuss how we can make your ceremony perfect.

(The picture shown is from Pete and Melanie's wedding 5/18/3013 at the Midlane Country Club in Wadsworth, IL.)

Fun Times DJ

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dan Hanni, Fun Times DJ

Thank you Dan Hanni for being a part of the team for ten years! It is hard to find a person who cares as much as you do for our customers.

Here Dan is seen DJing a wedding at the all new Best Western in Zion.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Make Your Wedding Sound Like Your Wedding...

As this couple were formerly announced Husband and Wife we played the song "Gone Gone Gone" by Phillip Phillips. It was a meaningful song to them and when we sat down to go over music it was the perfect choice. Call Fun Times DJ today to achieve your perfect wedding that matches you. 847-406-3535.

Friday, March 15, 2013

To Photobooth or not to Photobooth

I have recently had some brides say that they were not interested in a Photobooth because it takes attention away from them on their day. Another bride stated she wanted people to focus on dancing.
Photobooths can be fun and a creator of momentos at your reception. It might even help people loosen up a bit for the dancefloor or entertain those who are not big dancers.
Bottom line, if it fits your budget, you have thought it would be fun and my opinion, if you have over 200 guests...then go for it!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anniversary party DJ

At Fun Times DJ we incorporate as many of the reminders from your original wedding to truly encompass what the day is about. At a ten year anniversary lets play those fun dance songs of a decade ago along with today's hits. At a twenty-five year anniversary get everyone on the dancefloor for a group picture. At a 50 year anniversary we DJ'd recently the original Ring Bearer gave a toast!

Let's start planning your anniversary!
Call Fun Times DJ at 847-406-3535.

Getting married? Hire a trusted DJ!

Feel confident about your wedding! You will have more fun and it will definitely be worth it for years of beautiful memories. Click on the link below and discover what other customers have said about us! Give us a call and let the worry free wedding planning begin. 847-406-3535.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking back on your wedding, what is most important.

As you plan out your wedding budget put together a list of what is most important to you. If wedding flowers or a Photobooth that takes attention away from you ranks lower on your list, figure those items after you have hard numbers on what you value most.

Just another helpful hint from Fun Times DJ. Read our other blogs and visit these sites for more information and ideas.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who do you trust?

Your instincts are probably correct. I recently had a bride contact me regarding her wedding reception after the DJ she found on Craig's List disappeared. though she was excited about the under market price of $500 they had agreed to she was in near tears as she called me worried about her wedding which was only as she stated 146 days away.
Whether it is price, attitude or shifty answer believe in yourself. Just like finding your soon to be new spouse, trust your instincts.

Put Fun Times DJ to your test! Call us at 847-406-3535 and schedule a consultation.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Congratulations on your engagement!

It's time to start planning your perfect wedding day. Keep in mind perfection is based on your own desires. At Fun Times DJ we have created a six page wedding questionnaire that will give you amazing ideas beyond the music. The right words before your first dance, the right decorations on your gift card box or the snack given at 11:00pm can go along way to making your wedding uniquely yours. Call us today at 847-406-3535 and let's start planning perfection!